1. Identification of local and national social inclusion needs

The aim of this project result is to collect data and information and create the content of the Web App.

A final report which will include all data collected and which will provide for suggestions to approach the Web app and the trainings will be released.

2. Development of a web app for migrant inclusion

The goal of this project result is to develop a modern and innovative Web App that will enhance digital and social skills of migrants.
It aims to support migrants, newcomers or not in the local communities, upon their arrival in the host country but also in their everyday life.
The App will be designed to be of high quality and user-friendly.
It will also include an interactive Map which will be a part of the App, aiming to share stories and routes of migrants.
The map will help migrants build an audience and it will promote understanding among locals and migrants.

3. Development of a Capacity-building Programme for Mentors and Adult TCN Trainers

Under this project result, a Capacity Building programme for Mentors and Adult TCN trainers will be designed, aiming to support them to build capacity when dealing with migrants and especially for mentoring them.
The programme will develop their competences to improve the effectiveness of adult education on migration.

The new mentorship capacity building programme will be tailored to the needs of migrants in partner countries, through mentoring them into becoming confident and selfsufficient individuals in the host countries and their local communities.

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