A Web App that supports migrants

On 20 January, the STAGE Consortium presented Project Result 1, i.e. research on “Identification of local and national needs for social inclusion“.  During the previous months, the consortium of STAGE has collected data about migrant integration in the Partners Countries in order to better understand their needs. At the end, all partners wrote a Comprehensive Report about the Needs of the Migrants in Italy, Germany, France, Cyprus, and Greece.

The aim of this research was to collect data to create the content of the Web App (Project Result 2) and training courses. The Web App was released a few days ago and consists of a platform useful to familiarise oneself with the language of the host country, as it has basic language learning and translation services, and to build networks in local communities.

The application will support migrants, whether newcomers or not in local communities, on their arrival in the host country, but also in their daily life. It also includes a mentoring area, where migrants will be able to get in touch with mentors, an information area on services, where they can find useful links, and an interactive map to share migrants’ stories and journeys. It is not yet possible to register as a mentor, but it will be in the coming months. In the next months, the STAGE Consortium will work hard to the Project Result 3, whose aim is to create a capacity-building programme for mentors and Adult TCN trainers.

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