Development of the Report on migrants’ social inclusion needs.

Migrants are, beside all definitions, people starting a new life in a new place. As underlined by OECD, the effective integration of migrants is a critical issue for regional development and, while national policies are defined nationally, integration happens where people live; where they access public services, develop social networks, work and contribute to local development (OECD, 2022).

Within this frame, STAGE partners over the last months have gathered their efforts to realize a Country report on migrants’ local and national social inclusion needs. Each partner has collected information and data in its respective Country: France, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Italy. This report contains a research-study that gives an overview on the current situation on migrant integration (asylum seekers, refugees and adult TCNs) and on their needs for the inclusion in the society, within the project’s Countries. The research has been conducted through a literature review (desk research) and interviews (field research). The target groups of the field research consisted of people with a migration background and migration professionals and experts.  The field research was conducted through two questionnaires addressed to two different target groups: migrants and migration professionals and experts. The questionnaire for migrants has two main parts: the first part inquires early needs upon arrival, while the second part aims to collect some insight on the migration journey and on the integration process.

One of this project result’s aim is to contextualize the following interventions foreseen in STAGE project (the Web APP and its contents, as well as the Capacity-building programme for mentors and Adult TCN trainers) but also to collect first-hand information from migrants and migration experts.

A final report which will include all data collected will be released and will be available on the website in English, Greek, French, German and Italian.



OECD. (2022). The Contribution of Migration to Regional Development. aris: OECD Publishing.


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