The best 3 websites for migrants in Germany

Migrants as newcomers face many challenges while they are trying used to live in a different society and a culture. To help them, there are a lot of mobile applications and websites. Let’s dive into the best 3 websites for migrants in Germany.

Welcome to Bremen 

It is a website with a simple layout, and it is available in German, English, Arabic, French, and Farsi. The website is not only for refugees but also an important information platform for volunteers, administrative bodies, and others. The website provides the following information:

1- Counseling offices in Bremen

2- The education system in Germany and services provided by public and Non-profit institutions

3- Everyday Life regarding accommodation, transportation, finances, communication, types of furniture, clothing, shopping, and food

4- Information for people coming from Ukraine

5- German courses, free language courses, language cafes, integration courses, and more.


Wefugees is a moderated online forum around the topic of arriving in Germany. Here you can ask, answer and find questions free of charge at any time – supported by verified legal experts. The website idea is based on sharing information through posting and answering questions to make people more comfortable in Germany. Therefore, the newly arriving people and locals should learn from each other, irrespective of whether they seek refuge or work voluntarily or full-time.

Make it in Germany

It is a German government’s portal for skilled workers from around the world who move to Germany. Since 2012, it has become the Federal Government’s key information portal for all issues surrounding migration to Germany. It provides comprehensive information about entry and visa procedures, finding jobs, and life in Germany. It has job listings that enable skilled workers to look for suitable job vacancies and find out which sectors and regions are looking to recruit. The portal also provides essential information, such as how the job application process in Germany works. The portal offers language support in 15 languages.

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