TPM2 in Catania, Sicily

On September 29 – 30, 2022, the STAGE consortium met in Italy for the second Transnational Meeting of the project. The meeting was organised as a two-days event in Catania, Sicily, in two different locations. A total of six people participated on site, while one person participated online.

The meeting focused on several aspects of the project, including Project Result 1, 2, and 3, while it examined administrative and financial aspects.

Specifically, the meeting started with GIP FIPAN, the French project coordinator, analysing achieved goals, specific deadlines, and overall implementation. Then, KMOP, the Greek partner, which is responsible for the quality assurance of the project, presented the latest information on the quality of the project and its outputs, while HT, the Italian partner, presented the status quo on the dissemination and communication of the project.

The meeting continued with assessing and designing current and future project results. Specifically, for Project Result 1, the partners examined the comprehensive report on identifying local and national social inclusion needs in the partner countries, that is currently being prepared, and gave feedback and suggestions for improvement.

For Project Result 2, HT presented the scope, deliverables and expected results of this output, and with the rest of the consortium defined the material and the country-specific information that will be used in the Web App. Further, the partners presented Web Apps and other websites that can be used as best practices and inspiration for the STAGE Web App.

For Project Result 3, SYNTHESIS, the leading partner, presented the timeline, methodology, aim and framework of the capacity-building programme. The consortium also discussed best practices to be used as inspiration for the online training tool. Finally, the piloting of the online training was discussed.

Finally, the partners discussed about future activities, including the LTT activity, and scheduled the next TM, that will take place online.


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