A Web App that supports migrants

On 20 January, the STAGE Consortium presented Project Result 1, i.e. research on “Identification of local and national needs for social inclusion“.  During the previous months, the consortium of STAGE has collected data about migrant integration in the Partners Countries in order to better understand their needs. At the end, all partners wrote a Comprehensive […]

Challenges of integration

The IOM indicates that migration management must consider integration as a key element since it includes fundamental aspects such as the protection of human rights, non-discrimination, employment, public safety, social stability, health, education, and many significant aspects for development. People on the move wishing to settle down in the STAGE partner countries (i.e., Cyprus, France, […]

TPM2 in Catania, Sicily

On September 29 – 30, 2022, the STAGE consortium met in Italy for the second Transnational Meeting of the project. The meeting was organised as a two-days event in Catania, Sicily, in two different locations. A total of six people participated on site, while one person participated online. The meeting focused on several aspects of […]

Development of the Report on migrants’ social inclusion needs.

Migrants are, beside all definitions, people starting a new life in a new place. As underlined by OECD, the effective integration of migrants is a critical issue for regional development and, while national policies are defined nationally, integration happens where people live; where they access public services, develop social networks, work and contribute to local […]

The best 3 websites for migrants in Germany

Migrants as newcomers face many challenges while they are trying used to live in a different society and a culture. To help them, there are a lot of mobile applications and websites. Let’s dive into the best 3 websites for migrants in Germany. Welcome to Bremen  It is a website with a simple layout, and […]

Erasmus+ Project STAGE continues its journey of #socialinclusion

After going over some key features regarding our target groups, the #STAGEproject is now starting to take its first steps towards its goal. Partners are initiating contacts with entities working with #migrants in order to collect information and have a better understanding of their needs and the obstacles they face in the host countries. The […]

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